This application consists of frontline system, warehouse billing and customer relationship management system. Frontline system’s purpose are for tracking shipments. User make a booking reservation then process the payment. The process is continued to pick up the order, receive pick-up, bagging and breakdown process that has been inputted. If the delivery manifold to the port city, the process is forwarded to the bag by the user input breakdown. While that type of city to door forwarded to the handover process by user breakdown. The final step is update the status of the goods.

Customer relationship management system’s purpose are handling claims made by customer. Claim could happened in departure or destination station. Staff enter the cargo claim form based on a customer claim. Type of claim is divided into two, namely lost or damage. Staff sent requests cargo irregularity report (CIR). If the condition still good, staff input POD form. However, if the condition is damaged or lost, followed by making CIR. After that the supervisor approve the CIR. If the case are lost, then the things to do is tracing. If it has been 14 days can’t be found then input the lost cargo report (CLR). While the case are damage, the action is input argo damage report (CDR). If CDR or CLR approved, staff can make a claim that later analysis by the supervisor.

Warehouse billing’s purpose are handle imported items until taken by consignee. The flows are upload inward manifest documents, breakdown processing, storage the cargo and process the documents

A. Organization's Benefits

Increase productivity of administration teams.

B. Manager's Benefits

Control and centralize booking processes and procedures, never loose or double book rooms, and prevent manual errors.

C. Employee's Benefits

Easily search and retrieve booking information.

D. Features

- Frontline system
1. Pricing
2. Booking reservasi
3. Finaly reservasi (terdapat fitur void reservasi di dalamnya)
4. Multiple reservasi
5. Tracking
6. Pick up order
7. Receive pick up
8. Bagging process
9. Breakdown bag

- Customer relationship management system
1. Cargo claim form
2. Claim progress
3. Analysis claim
4. Settlement claim
5. Final release
6. Claim arsip
7. Cargo irregularity report
8. Tracing
9. Cargo lost report
10. Cargo damage report
11. Carrier’s survey report

- Warehouse billing
1. Inward manifest
2. Breakdown
3. Storage cargo
4. Delivery orders documents
5. Delivery bill
6. Line documents

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